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Interprofessional Education


The University of Minnesota is a leader in interprofessional clinical training. Our future health care providers are focused on teamwork, cooperation, and new ways of thinking.

To deliver the most effective patient care, clinical providers must work together across disciplines and this training is essential for our students to obtain the skills necessary to work effectively in a team-based, patient-centered, interprofessional setting.

Simulation Learning

Our leaners use simulation to develop clinical expertise by practicing skills, applying knowledge, and learning from their mistakes without risk to actual patients. Interprofessional and team-based simulations build bridges between disciplines and help prepare professionals for collaborative practice.

Health Sciences Education Center

This new state-of-the-art health care education facility will help us train health professionals who are ready to leverage each other's talents—to improve the health of the communities we serve. At 202,000 gross square feet, the Health Sciences Education Center will be one of the most comprehensive interprofessional education facilities in the country.

Clinical Partnerships

We've established more than 1,500 clinical training partnerships across Minnesota, many of them in rural or underserved communities. Our partnerships provide hands-on learning opportunities for our students and trainees and put us at the forefront of world-class research and innovative treatments.

Research Across Disciplines

Our Clinical and Translational Science Institute trains and rewards interdisciplinary research teams.