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Featured Artist Carol Lange, PhD, Professor of Medicine (Division of Hematology, Oncology, and Transplantation) and Pharmacology.

"I enjoy getting lost creating these peaceful scenes, imaging myself there taps into my inner calm and feelings of optimism."

I typically paint free hand using several layers - I let them dry and apply more paint on top - I sometimes finish using markers on top of the paint. These are based on old black and white snapshots or photos that either my dad took when in the service in the 1950s (Lady and Boy) or I took while on various vacations (Boat was taken in Bonaire and I visited Iceland last fall).

Lady in Rain

Lady In Rain by Carol Lange PhD

Boy With Kite

Boy with Kite by Carol Lange PhD


Lily by Carol Lange PhD

Iceland Day (unfinished)

Iceland day by Carol Lange PhD

Boat at Sea (unfinished)

Boat at sea, by Carol Lange PhD