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Boots on the Ground

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Community-based programming to reduce stigma and racial disparities in access to opioid use disorder services
Friday, December 4, 2020 - 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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A Virtual Conference Developed and hosted by the Twin Cities Recovery Project, Inc. in collaboration with the University of Minnesota’s Medical Discovery Team on Addiction.

Boots on the Ground will, through a Black Community lens, explore the power of innovative, community-based approaches to help people with addiction/opioid use disorder.

The conference will showcase community programs from across the country, each designed to counteract the stigma and racial disparities that so often keep members of communities of color from receiving equitable access to opioid use disorder treatment and harm reduction and recovery services. Speakers will share the stories of their programs, highlighting factors that both enable and challenge their program successes, including funding, partners, and evaluation. Facilitated panel and breakout sessions will provide for additional insights and synthesis.

We believe the stories shared and the learnings that emerge from this conference will be valuable to communities dedicated  to helping their members who are living with addiction/substance use disorder.

Keynote speaker:

Andre L. Johnson, CEO and President, Detroit Recovery Project, Inc.

Speakers and facilitators include:

  • Marc L. Johnigan, CEO and President, Twin Cities Recovery Project, Inc.
  • Jeremy Byard, Louisville Recovery Community Connection
  • Aja King, Ed.D., LPCC,  Brave Defiance Consulting, LLC
  • Mark J. Thomas, PhD, Professor and Director, Medical Discovery Team on Addiction, University of Minnesota
  • Michael Johnson, CEO, Break-through Recovery Services
  • David Whiters, PhD,  founder and former Executive Director, Recovery Consultants of Atlanta, Inc.
  • Phil Rutherford, COO, Faces and Voices of Recovery