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Ben Clements, 3rd Year Doctoral Candidate, College of Pharmacy

Ben ClementsHow are you adjusting to this “new normal”?

It's difficult, but I'm keeping myself busy and on schedule! Keeping a nice pattern and routine has kept me sane.

What extracurricular activities do you typically participate in? What does this look like in the new social isolation environment?

I'm a big trivia and board game buff, so I've had to adapt those to a virtual environment.

Do you have any creative ways for staying connected with your peers?

I've been working to rig up different games and events that can be done through teleconferencing. I've also been playing different tabletop roleplaying games online with friends back in North Carolina for years, so I've been expanding those.

What is something that provides you with inspiration during this time?

I've always found sci-fi and space travel fascinating, so imagining people in those conditions puts my isolation and cabin fever in a little bit of perspective. Plus, it's the closest I'll get to actual space travel, so it's something!