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Cameron Wing, 3rd-year Pharmacy Student

Cameron WingRiver Falls, WI

How are you adjusting to this “new normal”?

Managing to adjust alright! One positive from this "new normal" is that I have been forced to become more organized and forced to manage my time more strictly. Since I'm at home all day, I find distractions everywhere! So part of this change has been being more mindful of scheduling my time more strictly.

What extracurricular activities do you typically participate in? What does this look like in the new social isolation environment?

I am involved in a number of student organizations throughout the College of Pharmacy, and all of these groups have moved to an online format. This change has required a lot of work from all students involved and I've been immensely impressed by the motivation and ability to adapt that I've seen from my classmates.

How are you staying active during this unique time?

Fortunately, I'm a runner and live in an area where I can run outside without encountering too many people, so I've been able to get out and run most days. Unfortunately, all of the races coming up this summer have been cancelled.

Do you have any creative ways for staying connected with your peers?

Tabletop simulator has been a great way to keep some level of normality with friends, by continuing to play some of our favorite board games online!

Talk about how you have adjusted your environment to accommodate your class/study needs.

I spent a good amount of time over the first couple of days of the isolation/quarantine reorganizing my room. Since I share a living space, I had to turn my bedroom into my study space, lecture space, and homework space! I'm glad I spent so much time reorganizing this space, since I've been spending so much time at my desk now. It helps me stay sane sitting at a place that I've decorated and made a little bit more mine own.

What is something that provides you with inspiration during this time?

The adaptability and understanding of the College of Pharmacy administration has been amazing. Their ability to adapt to an online platform so quickly and be so accommodating to students has truly been wonderful. I know they are putting in a tremendous amount of work to keep our education standards up to the highest level, while also being so understanding of each students' unique challenges, and it has helped me remain optimistic regarding everyone's ability to adapt to such a difficult time.

Anything else you want to share?

A positive thing that has come out of the quarantine has been that I've been able to finally learn the name of the cat that lives across the alley from my apartment. My neighbors, who I have never met, and I have been communicating through window messages! Their cat's name is Pickles!