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Jean Moon, PharmD, Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy

Jean MoonHow are you adjusting to this “new normal”?

Honestly, I am not sure I know what the new normal is quite yet as so many things are still changing week to week. So I try to focus on the positive things, including spending a lot more time with my family for meals and games during evening times that would have normally been filled with numerous activities.

What hobbies/activities do you typically participate in? What does this look like in the new social isolation environment?

I love to garden, watch movies, and read. These activities haven't changed much in the new environment, except that I have a little more time to do them. I really miss going to church and having live bible studies and gatherings.

How are you staying active during this unique time?

Daily walks with my dog and family have really helped me get some regular activity. The excellent weather has also kept me busy in the garden and with yard work. I also am very thankful that I have a stand-up desk that allows me to shift positions throughout the workday.

Do you have any creative ways for staying connected with your peers?

We have enjoyed doing some Zoom bingo games and happy hours. I really love seeing my neighbors outside on walks and being able to connect with them more than usual as we are all home!

Talk about how you have adjusted your environment to accommodate your work.

We have had to be a little creative as both of my children are completing remote work. I have pretty much taken over the home office and they know that when the door is closed - Mommy is in a meeting. I have to be a bit more thoughtful about my dog and trying to plan around when she wants to be in the office with me or when I think my husband will come home and she will start barking when I am teaching!

What is something that provides you with inspiration during this time?

What gives me inspiration is seeing how this time is bringing people and our community closer together. Thinking specifically of those that have prioritized health and wellbeing of others over their own personal needs - that's inspiring.