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Keri Hager, Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy, Duluth

Keri HagerHow are you adjusting to this “new normal”?

Taking it moment by moment and focusing on gratitude. I do a 3-20 minute daily meditation through the Headspace app. Very helpful!

What hobbies/activities do you typically participate in? What does this look like in the new social isolation environment?

Fortunately much of what I enjoy doing I can continue to do outdoors - even physically distanced with friends - walking/walking my dog, hiking, running, biking, kayaking, and taking a sauna. I'm looking forward to warmer temps so we can get out on the lake in our pontoon and catch up with our neighbors from a distance. We love hosting, but so far have only had two opportunities to hang out (from a distance!) with friends around the campfire. I also enjoy playing ukulele - so have continued my lessons via Zoom. I live in a rural area with limited WiFi capability - so it's difficult with the delays to play together well. I am missing playing with others in close proximity! I have enjoyed "getting together" (via Zoom) with friends and family to do yoga (check out

How are you staying active during this unique time?

See above. I also purchased Rosetta Stone Espanol and am dedicating 10-30 minutes a day to learning Spanish.

Do you have any creative ways for staying connected with your peers?

Zooming all the way.

Talk about how you have adjusted your environment to accommodate your work.

I have a laptop, so I move from my office desk to the dining room table to the downstairs table to vary my space and refresh my brain. I'm definitely missing my dual monitors, sit-to-stand desk, and comfy office chair!

What is something that provides you with inspiration during this time?

How quickly people in health care have come together to change, plan, and organize to better care for the anticipated surge of care that will be necessary. I'm inspired by the MN COVID19 ECHO coming out of Little Falls and the great community they've cultivated for learning in real-time. I'm inspired by those who are using this time to help others. I'm inspired by how quickly our faculty, staff, and students adjusted to alternative course delivery. I'm inspired by the volume of our experiential preceptors who showed up to recent meetings - they are so busy managing their own lives and practice, but they dedicate their time to preparing our students for practice in spite of all that is going on.