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Moving Pictures: Poem by Liv Lane

May 26, 2020

Today’s offering comes from Twin Cities artist Liv Lane, who shares the following: “I thought I’d share a painting, called Moving Pictures, and the accompanying poem that I finished exactly a year ago, in the midst of treatment for triple negative breast cancer. Even if I could only muster the energy for a minute or two of creating daily, I found it so healing and helpful even on my hardest days, and still do as we navigate this pandemic. It is such good medicine.” A good reminder for all of us to channel our creativity, even for a few moments, to negate the feelings of stress and anxiety intrinsic to a pandemic. Maybe, just maybe, something beautiful will come out of these moments.

painting by Liv Lane

Watercolor and acrylic by Liv Lane

By: Liv Lane

Time is not one to stand still;
nor are spirited ideas.
They come to you
as you dabble and dream,
when you are most open and willing
to be a portal for that which is waiting
to be born through you.
Clear the mind of inhibition
and release longing straight away
so that you may collaborate
with the inspired thoughts
that zip and zag their way
through the ether
and land at your feet.
Do not fret if one idea (or a thousand)
is left unseen or unattended,
for the universe is bursting at the seams
with possibility
and the earth is teeming with great minds
to move bright ideas forward.
Each idea finds its home,
each open mind finds its spark.
You cannot force creative genius;
you must let it come to you,
let it enliven you.
A good idea is a good match
when it ignites a fire in your belly;
then you can feel that it is yours
to keep and care for.