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Welcome to fall semester 2023! (Viruses, this does not mean you)

September 25, 2023
Welcome or not, many of the illnesses we see in fall and winter are respiratory viruses.
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Healthy New Year!

December 13, 2022
Is COVID-19 over? COVID-19 continues; however, there are a few new twists: COVID-19 rates are going up.
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The Thought Counts

November 16, 2022
Please take a moment to think about what you can do to prepare to protect yourself and the people around you.
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What’s next?

October 19, 2022
Resources that will allow you to assess the current situation and make choices about your personal safety.
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Back to Basics

September 14, 2022
Have a safe and healthy fall semester. Here’s what you need to know right now.

Updated information on COVID-19 (and monkeypox)

August 16, 2022
We are coming together from many different places. Extra caution is a good idea.
COVID-19 Medical Check list

Year Three

May 11, 2022
It is startling to see the words “now in the third year of the pandemic” in print, but here we are.
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What’s in a word?

April 6, 2022
The CDC has switched from talking about being “fully vaccinated” to staying “up to date on vaccinations.”
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A Guide to the Next Normal

March 16, 2022
President Gabel announced some drop in the mask policy on UMN Twin Cities campus. But does that mean we're out of the clear?
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Boost is Best

February 16, 2022
Vaccines approved for use in the U.S. are overwhelmingly safe and effective for ages five and up.