Clinical Research Sunrise Plan Implementation Process for Med School/OACA

In late May, we charged the Medical School and Office of Academic Clinical Affairs (OACA) Clinical Research Sunrise Committee with developing a process to sunrise biomedical research in the Medical School and OACA’s centers/units. The committee developed the Medical School/OACA Clinical Research Sunrise Implementation process, which can be found here. A corresponding infographic of the process can be found here.

The Medical School/OACA Clinical Research Sunrise Implementation process includes the submission of a Portfolio Plan by each PI or research group. These plans will be reviewed by the Clinical Research Sunrise Committee. Once PIs and research groups have received approval of their Portfolio Plans, any return to work requests should be submitted via the University’s Sunrise Plan and the Return to Work Request Form. Requests for approval should be routed from employees to the PIs with final sign-off by Medical School department heads, OACA center/unit directors, or their designate.
As investigators and research teams develop their plans, safety for everyone in our community remains our top priority. All biomedical research should continue remotely if possible, and all employees should continue to work from home if they can. In addition, PIs and research teams should review the Human Research: Latest IRB Guidance and FAQ (COVID-19) to ensure they develop their plans with this guidance in mind.

All questions on the process should be submitted to [email protected]. Thank you for your continued dedication to our research and clinical missions.


Jakub Tolar
Dean of the Medical School and Vice President for Clinical Affairs

Timothy Schacker
Vice Dean for Research, Medical School