Objective and Sunrise Steps: Clinical Research Sunrise


To provide individual PIs and research groups with the required approvals to resume clinical research and clinical trials that were paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Resumption of clinical research activities will occur in three distinct sunrise steps.

  1. Clinical Research Sunrise Step 1 will allow for 50% resumption of activities. This means that activities requiring face-to-face interaction with participants will be limited to 50% of pre-COVID face-to-face interactions with participants.
  2. Clinical Research Sunrise Step 2 will allow for 75% resumption of activities.
  3. Clinical Research Sunrise Step 3 will be full resumption of clinical research activities.

Timing of the transition from Clinical Research Step 1 to Clinical Research Step 2 to Clinical Research Step 3 will be dictated by clinical events, i.e. the number of cases in the community, and by directives from the Office of the Vice President for Research, Vice President for Health Sciences, and Medical School Dean’s office. Depending upon the health status of our community, the process is reversible and if conditions warrant, could transition back to a lower sunrise step. Moreover, timing for transition in the clinical sunrise steps will likely be different than transition timing for basic research.

screenshot of process

Resuming Research in Shared Spaces



If you have questions regarding clinical research, please contact the Clinical Research Sunrise Committee at [email protected].