Mini Medical School COVID-19 the Way Forward

COVID-19: The Way Forward

Spring 2021

Throughout human history, we have dealt with waves of disease—influenza, smallpox, Ebola, SARS—what makes COVID-19 different, and are we equipped to deal with another pandemic in the future?

COVID-19: The Way Forward is an exploratory journey of emerging questions and new developments around COVID-19. As we move into a new phase of the pandemic with vaccines becoming available, we’ll discuss real-time updates and what we believe lies ahead.

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About Mini Medical School

Mini Medical School offers a unique glimpse into the health sciences at the University of Minnesota. Community learners with a shared interest in health embark on a journey examining the scientific foundations of health and disease. Presented using common language for ease of understanding complex topics, your guides are internationally renowned experts who are shaping the way health care is delivered locally and globally. You will also hear from Minnesotans with lived experience of COVID-19.

Melissa Behl
Melissa Behl BSN, RN, PHN, CCM

Supervisor RN Care Coordination

Jayne Fulkerson
Jayne Fulkerson, PhD

Professor, Child Family Health Cooperative; Director, Center for Child and Family Health Promotion Research, School of Nursing

Michael Kasprzak

Assistant Professor, Rehabilitation Medicine, Medical School

Tanya Melnik

Assistant Professor, Medicine

Douglas Whiteside

Professor, Rehabilitation Medicine; Training Director, Clinical Neuropsychology Residency Program

Carolyn Porta

Associate Vice President for Clinical Affairs