IRB Ancillary Reviews

HIPCO and the ETHOS/IRB Ancillary Review Process

HIPCO is an ancillary reviewer for all studies submitted to ETHOS that involve individual health information. HIPCO’s ancillary review process includes:

  • Confirming that all University research team members have completed University HIPAA training.
  • Confirming that the research team has either requested a waiver of the HIPAA authorization, or is using the University’s HIPAA Authorization form as appropriate.
  • Requesting the research team to complete the HIPCO Survey, which identifies how the research team is securing the research data throughout the research project (including obtaining the data, analyzing the data, sharing the data and storing the data).
  • Reviewing the HIPCO Survey and the Protocol to ensure that the research team is using University approved methods of securing the research data.

To begin the HIPCO ancillary review, a member of your study team must complete the online HIPCO survey. Download a PDF copy of the HIPCO survey.

If you have questions about a HIPCO’s ancillary review process, you may e-mail [email protected].