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Clinical Connections: Interprofessional Education



As famous St. Paulite F. Scott Fitgerald wrote, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”
This fall, we are experiencing the start of the school year from a whole new perspective because we each have a personal interest in one of the maroon specks in the class of 2023's giant "M." Jakub’s daughter and Carolyn's nephew are part of our massive 8,000-strong incoming freshman class.
We are acutely aware of the hopes and dreams of families and students as they join our great University of Minnesota, and how transformational this time is and will be for them. We feel tremendous responsibility to do everything possible to nurture their desire to learn, to inspire their best efforts, to protect their wellbeing, and to give them the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in and lead the future.
Video still of fall beginningsIt is an incredible honor. It could be easy to lose sight of that as we experience inconveniences caused by an influx of tens of thousands of people on campus, dodging (or riding) electric scooters, and being caught in sporting event traffic.
As faculty and staff, our attitudes, our openness, can make a significant difference for our students. A smile. A kind word. A listening ear. A watchful eye. Families everywhere send us their young people with hope that we will not only educate them, but care for them.
We hope you will find the opportunity to make individual connections with students by volunteering at a student activity, or checking in on the students around you about how they are doing. Remember, they need our more mature prefrontal cortexes to recognize that theirs are still developing.
The Office of Academic Clinical Affairs is also a new face on campus. We hope you will join us at a Clinical Affairs Coffee Conversation this fall (info below) to learn more about how we are realizing a future where students across the disciplines work together in interprofessional clinical education, practice, and research. Our local and global communities, health care systems, and patients and families tell us that they want a seamless continuum of care where all team members understand, respect, and collaborate with each other. Our students will make it happen.

Thank you for being a part of their growth, and ours.
Carolyn Porta, RN, PhD    Jakub Tolar, MD, PhD
AVP for Clinical Affairs    VP for Clinical Affairs


01  Nominations Now Open for Academies for Excellence

starsFaculty nominations are now being accepted for the Academies for Excellence, which recognizes the University’s most distinguished health scientists and educators. Deadline for submission is Tuesday, Oct. 15 at 4 p.m. for:

How does this affect me? While in years past nominations were limited to faculty within the Academic Health Center, this year and moving forward, nominations will be open to all University of Minnesota faculty.

02   Join Us for a Cup of Joe

cup of coffeeWe welcome you to join us for coffee at a Clinical Affairs and U event this fall! Please sign up to be notified when these events are scheduled. Each session will feature a different local coffee shop so come prepared to enjoy a good cup of coffee along with great conversation!

Why should you attend? Our equivalent of “office hours,” these 30-minute open invitation sessions will be opportunities to bring up any questions, ideas, or topics related to Clinical Affairs here at the University. These might include, “what is clinical affairs?”; “How do I get involved in clinical affairs efforts? I’m in _______ department.”; “I need help building an interprofessional team.”; “I’m working to prevent ______ problem in society; is this ‘clinical affairs’?”

03  Bringing Health Sciences Together in One Place

HSEC buildingA reminder that this time next year, the Health Sciences Education Center will be open to students. Staff and faculty will have access by spring of 2020. HSEC will provide a unifying space to enhance teamwork among health professionals and prepare students to meet the changing needs of communities across Minnesota and around the world.
Why is this important? The new space will be the hub for all the health professional schools and a magnet for interprofessional education. It will include state-of-the-art classrooms for active learning and small-group teaching spaces. Enhanced simulation and immersive training environments will be centralized here for teams to train in sophisticated, real-world settings.

04  Political Presence

CUHCC information tableThe Community-University Health Care Center recently hosted hosted a roundtable discussion on affordable prescription drugs with Minnesota's Senator Tina Smith and Governor Tim Walz, and Wisconsin's Senator Tammy Baldwin and Governor Tony Evers.

What is OACA’s impact? VP Jakub Tolar and CUHCC CEO Colleen McDonald Diouf, along with patients and community members, discussed the urgent need to address skyrocketing prescription drug prices and access to care.

05  Did You Know?

girl smiling at cameraThe Center for Health Interprofessional Programs is partnering with CUHCC and VISTA to build capacity to serve historically underserved populations while supporting student learning and engagement. This project creates a pathway for health professional students to engage as volunteers at CUHCC and other non-profit organizations.

Want to learn more? Take a look at CHIP’s interprofessional spotlight for the 2019-2020 Americorps VISTA.

06  IBM MarketScan® Data Now Accessible to University Researchers

code on screenThrough CTSI’s Best Practices Integrated Informatics Core (BPIC), researchers now have access to IBM MarketScan® data, which can be used as reference material and to support research findings for health-related studies. The de-identified data ranges from 2013-2017 and includes medical claims, prescription drug purchases, physician encounters, and hospital stays for the population as well as insurance enrollment for a large population of commercially insured patients and Medicare beneficiaries with supplemental health coverage.

Do I have access? As outlined in the University’s license for the data, researchers in the Medical School, College of Pharmacy, School of Public Health, School of Nursing, School of Dentistry, Carlson School of Management, and Institute for Health Informatics will have access to MarketScan data until May of 2022. Schedule a consultation with BPIC to learn if IBM MarketScan® data is right for your research.

07  BOLD Idea: A Rural Health Care Pilot to Address Health Inequity

Women gardeningOne of the six studies recently funded with a BOLD Ideas grant brings together colleagues from the Medical School, College of Pharmacy, School of Dentistry, and Hennepin Health Care. Together, they will work to strengthen and expand community partnerships to meet the needs of rural farmworkers in Minnesota, and offer annual in-depth service-learning experiences for future health care professional trainees.

How does this work impact communities? The interprofessional team will expand an existing interdisciplinary one-month medical student and resident rotation to integrate food systems, public health, dentistry, and pharmacy. Together with Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, Centro Campesino and Community Health Services, they will provide on-farm health screening and preventative care.


Sept. 17 - Masonic Cancer Center Pre-R01 Pilot Grants Brainstorm Concepts
Sept. 20 - Faculty Research Development Grant LOI
Oct. 2 - Community-University Partnership Grant Program LOI
Oct. 15 - Karen Wycoff Rein in Sarcoma Foundation RFA
Nov. 1 - Fogarty Global Health Fellowship
Nov. 20 - Faculty Planning Grant Program Proposal


Sept. 12 - Minnesota Symposium on Addiction Neuroscience
Sept. 16 - CTSI Poster Session
Sept. 17 - Ethics Grand Rounds: Social Public Health and Ghana's National Response to HIV
Sept. 18 - Healthy MN Day (part of President Gabel's inauguration week)
Sept. 23 - Institute for Engineering in Medicine Annual Conference
Sept. 25 - OACA Fall Kick-Off
Sept. 25 - Mini Bioethics Academy: Ethical Issues in Public Health Crises
Sept. 26 - David A. Rothenberger Lecture Series
Oct. 9-11 - Cancer Center Community Impact Forum
Nov. 18-19 - CTSI Imaging Conference "Toward the Clinical Translation of Ultra-High Field MRI"

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