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Realizing Change

Change is possibility. Change is opportunity. Change is the catalyst for improvement. The Academic Health Center (AHC) is undergoing a remodeling of sorts but remains the epicenter to promote health and healthcare. Its transformation will ensure unparalleled clinical excellence, scientific discoveries, and interprofessional education across the University.

Change is starting anew; and establishing an Office of Academic Clinical Affairs (OACA) allows us to move forward with a structure that brings together all of our clinical work. Modern problems have complex solutions that incorporate everything from engineering to child development. Collaboratively, across disciplines, we can tackle healthcare’s grand challenges. 

Change is advancement, which is needed to achieve our mission to encourage interdisciplinary collaborations that strengthen clinical practice, promote experimentation, advance patient care, educate the next generation of healthcare professionals and serves as a national model for innovation and discovery.

Realizing our mission requires ambitious yet tangible goals which include; organize and promote team science, create a Minnesota-wide impact that encourages interprofessional education and clinical care. The path to achieving our goals is through the outstanding work of the faculty and staff in our centers and institutes.

It is imperative that your work continue to span the University’s colleges and schools and broaden to our system campuses. And we will strategically address the barriers that have historically hindered interprofessional education. Our success requires your forward-thinking, leadership and unique perspectives. In addition, it requires working closely with the other two pillars of the AHC, the Office of the Vice President for Research and the Office of the Provost.

Change allows us to reframe, revision and revolutionize our approach to our work. I am honored to have your partnership in creating a prosperous future for the health sciences.

Change is possibility. Change is opportunity. Change is the catalyst for improvement.

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