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Medical School/OACA Workforce Collaboration

hands coming togetherSupport and Contribute to the University’s COVID-19 Response

We are all incredibly #UMNProud of our researchers and clinicians who are actively addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that many of you are wondering how you can support this work and contribute to the University’s COVID-19 response. Here is your opportunity.

We know that some Medical School and OACA colleagues are unable to perform all or some of our normal job duties. If this is the case for you and/or your team, we ask that you share your time and skills with another Medical School or OACA department that needs help. Likewise, supervisors, if you have important projects and tasks your team needs assistance with, the MS/OACA Workforce Collaboration program may be able to help.

Complete this form to facilitate this process:

Medical School/OACA Workforce Collaboration Form

  • Employees with available time and skills should talk with their supervisors and then complete the form.
  • Supervisors with projects or work can complete the form and employees in the program with time and relevant skills will be matched to you. 
  • Departments or hiring managers who have a need to hire during this time, the Workforce Collaboration program may be able to provide you with support.

If you have questions, please contact your HR partner, or the MS/OACA Workforce Collaboration administrators: