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University of Minnesota COVID-19 Clinical Trials

Clinical trials help doctors determine if a medication is a safe and effective treatment for people with COVID-19. The University of Minnesota is conducting several clinical trials to test whether different medications can help prevent, treat, or reduce the severity of this disease.

We need people like you to participate in a trial and help us learn how to help. Your participation is critical in helping doctors understand what medicines are safe to use for our families and friends so that we can all return to our normal lives. You do not have to live in Minnesota to participate; anyone in the United States can contact us to learn more.

The University of Minnesota will be testing a number of therapies to determine their safety and effectiveness. See descriptions below to determine which trial may be right for you.

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Protection/ Prevention

You are eligible if you are a healthcare worker in a setting that is high risk for exposure to COVID-19.

Go to COVID-19 Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Trial

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Learn more about participating in the CovidOut Metformin for outpatient treatment of SARS-CoV-2 study.

Go to CovidOut Metformin Trial

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Reducing Severity

You are eligible if you have been admitted to a hospital with symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 infection.

Go to Adaptive COVID-19 Treatment Trial

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Reducing Severity

You are are eligible if you are 18-80 years old, have been on a ventilator less than 48 hours for COVID19 ARDS, and have stable blood pressure on two or less.

Go to Cell-Based Therapy for Lung Disease Trial

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Healthcare Workers

You are eligible if you are a health care worker and 18-80 years old.

Go to Heathcare Workers Wellbeing Trial 

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You are eligible if you have a positive laboratory test for COVID-19 and are age 18 or older.

Go to ALPS-COVID Trial

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You are eligible if you are you at least 18 years old, are you in good health, have no previously confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis and are not currently pregnant.

Go to COVID-19 Vaccine Trial With Novavax, Inc.

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You are eligible if 18 years old and living in the same household as a person who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 within the previous 96 hours.

Go to Regeneron Monoclonal Antibody Trial

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Post-exposure prophylaxis or preemptive treatment for coronavirus trail shows Hydroxychloroquine has no benefit over placebo in preventing COVID-19.

Go to Hydroxychloroquine Trial