Reimagining Health

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group of students at Itasca Ecohealth IPE Experience February 2023
A group of eight interprofessional learners took part in the third rendition of the Itasca Ecohealth IPE Experience.
health care team
Having a strong University-run health system benefits all of us—our learners, faculty, staff and community.
Abstract of Earth
Four of the projects were jointly funded by the Office of Academic Clinical Affairs.
Jakub Tolar

“The best science, the best education, the best clinical care depends on our interconnection and our diverse experiences,” VP Jakub Tolar, MD, PhD.

Leadership Voices

We Can All Make an Impact on Climate Health
Pang Lor, BSN, PHN

Global Health is for All Professions
Shailey Prasad, MBBS, MPH

Diversity statement