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Opioid Advisory Task Force


The University of Minnesota Systemwide Opioid Resource

Leading a Comprehensive Approach to Fighting Opioid Abuse

The opioid epidemic is a public health crisis that requires action from across the spectrum – research, education, treatment, law enforcement, and public policy. The University of Minnesota is committed to being a leader in addressing this issue and stopping the spread of addiction.

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Areas of Research

Advancing our knowledge of addiction and pain management.

Opioid Task Force Leadership

The University of Minnesota Opioid Advisory Task Force is composed of faculty who will review, discuss, and prioritize the activities at a systemwide level. Meet the Leadership Committee.

Student Training

Assist leaders to evaluate health professional students are receiving training in pain management, addiction prevention, and overdose prevention

Community Outreach

Evaluate and organize what the University can offer to Minnesota communities as they cope with direct and indirect effects of the opioid addiction epidemic

Public Policy

Engage with public officials in relevant discussions of public policy, all in cooperation with Government Relations and other units across the University


Prepare our community of scholars to respond to research opportunities that can help advance our knowledge of addiction and pain management.