OACA Staff Directory


Shannon Sawyer

Administrative Associate

Mya Wilson , DHA, MPH, MBA

Administrative Director


Danielle Carrigan

Electronic Communications Manager

Amy Leslie

Director of Communications

Daniel Ringold

Senior Graphic/Multimedia Designer

Gao Vang

Senior Communications Specialist


LouAnn Andermann

Fin Pro 2- Fin Generalist

Lia Chorath

G&C Pro 3-Pre-Award Admin

Kristen Frost-Griep , CPA

Financial Analyst

Jasmine Hong

Fin Pro 3- Fin Generalist

Angela Zellmer King

Assistant Finance Director

Mitch Lee

Executive Accounts Specialist

Joseph Menth

Financial Analyst 2

Jenny Nguyen

Fin Pro 4-Fin Generalist

Elizabeth Nunnally , BA, MAT, MA

Chief Financial Officer

Charlene Paitrick , CMA

Finance Director
G&C Pro 1-Generalist

Caylie Sternberg

Executive Accounts Specialist

Mary Swenson

Financial Analyst

Linda Yang

Cluster Director

Health Information Privacy & Compliance

Codi Kraus , JD

Privacy Compliance Officer

Lauren Popp , JD, CHPC

Chief Health Information Compliance Officer and Director

Tahnee Trenberth , MSL

Research Compliance & Privacy Officer

Human Resources

Lisa Bachman

Chief Human Resources Officer

Sunny Blakesley

HR Partner

Fallie Bodine

HR Generalist II

Staci Darling

HR Partner

Kara Galvin

HR Partner

Larnyia Lee

HR Generalist II

Taylor Mingo

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Jess Neau

HR Operations Generalist

Ahmad Palmer

HR Generalist II

Megan Pingry

HR Partner & Interim Operations Manager

Interprofessional Education

Co-director UMN health sciences interprofessional education
Co-director UMN health sciences interprofessional education