Interprofessional Internship Program

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Interns learn and lead together, solve problems for clinical partners, develop real world working relationships and advance interprofessional education and practice.

Apply: Application open Aug. 15 - Sept. 12, 2022. Request information.

Student Interprofessional Internship Application

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Areas of Intern Development

Interprofessional Problem Solving
Engage other health professionals in shared problem-solving appropriate to the project needs with demonstrated project-specific outcomes.

Communication Tools & Techniques
Choose communication tools and techniques that facilitate effective interprofessional team interactions.

Leadership & Management
Apply leadership practices that support equitable and effective interprofessional collaboration.

Interdisciplinary Conceptual Knowledge
Integrate the knowledge and experience of interprofessional team members to enhance project outcomes and improve understanding of the other profession(s).

Act with honesty and integrity in relationships with interprofessional student and community/clinical partner relationships.

Responsible Conduct of Research
Evaluate and integrate available evidence to inform effective interprofessional teamwork and promote desired project outcomes.

Community Partners

Community partners are invited to request an interprofessional team of 2-3 interns to engage in a problem-based project. Projects are anticipated to occur over the course of each academic year between October and May, with potential for extension. Each intern will commit to approximately 5 hours per week. Project submissions are typically reviewed in July and selected in August, with intern team interviews occurring in October.

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Contact: Sara North and Cheri Friedrich with questions and to help co-create project concepts.

Leadership Journeys These fireside chats bring together University of Minnesota health sciences students with experts for candid conversation on leadership, career pathways, sources of joy, and strategies to rejuvenate.

Leadership Journeys Podcast

Be challenged and encouraged in your leadership journey as you hear how these diverse leaders have led through difficult times in our country and world. Moderated by Dr. Carolyn Porta, Associate Vice President for Clinical Affairs.

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  • Collaboratively identify actionable strategies to improve health through analysis of the complex epidemiological, geopolitical, social, ecological, other global contributions to human and animal health. 
  • Explore and critique the unique cultures, values, roles/responsibilities, and expertise of other health professions and the impact these factors can have on health outcomes. 
  • Actively engage with community organizations supporting rural health to learn from, with, and about the integration of population health approaches within and outside of the health system. 
  • Advance their own professional and interprofessional competency development through shared population-focused problem solving using available evidence and reflective team-based practices.

Meet the OACA 2021-2022 Interprofessional Interns

Read OACA intern biographies and learn more about their projects.

Eighteen students from across the health sciences have been accepted and matched with core projects with clinical and community partners in Minnesota. See the 2020-2021 cohort.

schools infographic
Colton Cannon

Colton Cannon, BS
School of Dentistry
Clinical Partner: Veterans Administration

Mila Centrella

Mila Centrella, BA
School of Public Health
Clinical Partner: CUHCC

Sara Dasler

Sara Dasler, BS
College of Liberal Arts
Clinical Partner: Center for Interprofessional Health

Nathan Evans

Nathan Evans, BS
School of Public Health
Clinical Partner: Welia Health

Brandon Gilmer

Brandon Gilmer, BS
College of Pharmacy
Clinical Partner: Health Partners

Bethany O'Bryan

Bethany O'Bryan, BS
College of Veterinary Medicine
Clinical Partner: Center for Interprofessional Health

Liza Johnson

Lizz Johnson, BA, AA
College of Pharmacy
Clinical Partner: National Center

Claire Knutson

Claire Knutson, BS
School of Public Health
Clinical Partner: Veterans Administration

Julie Ntegeye

Julie Ntegeye, BA
School of Public Health
Clinical Partner: HealthPartners

Janette Romero Saenz

Janette Romero Saenz, BA
School of Public Health
Clinical Partner: Morris Challenge

Hannah Saalsaa

Hannah Saalsaa, BS
Medical School
Clinical Partner, Welia Health

Vanessa Santamaria

Vanessa Santamaria, BS
School of Public Health
Clinical Partner: CUHCC

Taylor Sinn

Taylor Sinn, BS
School of Public Health
Clinical Partner: GuidePoint Pharmacy

Breana Stang

Breana Stang, BS
Center for Allied Health
Clinical Partner, HealthPartners

Ally Taubenheim

Ally Taubenhein, RN, PHN, BSN
School of Nursing
Clinical Partner: CUHCC

Elena Tran

Elena Tran, BA
School of Public Health
Clinical Partner: GuidePoint Pharmacy

Poornima Vasireddy

Poornima Vasireddy, MS, BDS, NTR
School of Dentistry
Clinical Partner, National Center

Aisha Waseem

Aisha Waseem, BS
College of Pharmacy
Clinical Partner: Morris Challenge

IPE interns


Dentistry students engage in interprofessional collaboration through OACA internship

The students seek to solve interprofessional problems together, gain skills in leadership and communication, gain knowledge across disciplines, and integrate research.

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