Interprofessional Internship Program

Learning and Leading Together
Our Interns solve problems for clinical partners, develop real world working relationships, and advance interprofessional education and practice. 

Projects and Partners:

Workforce Solutions: QI Improvement Projects
Community Outreach & Engagement
Data Projects Driving Solutions
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Projects occur between September and May, with potential for extension. Interns commit to 5 hours per week. Submissions are selected by August. 

Project Summaries

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Project Summaries


Collaborate to support the work of community organizations delivering, enhancing, or expanding access to rural and mobile health services, programs, and education

Anxiety Self Management and Mindfulness Practices Resource Guides
Mobile Health Initiative
Creating evidenced-based resource guides to be shared with providers and patients attending mobile health events. 

Data-informed Community Health Advocacy
EA Therapeutic Health
Analyzing and leveraging longitudinal functional outcomes data to promote payer and other third party awareness of the benefits of a novel rehabilitation plus wellness community health mode

Pediatric Preventive Care Community Assessment
Hennepin Pediatric Mobile Health
Designing, implementing and evaluating a community assessment to identify key community health concerns. 

Outreach and Education for Future Health Professionals
The UMN Morris Challenge
Networking with students, educators, counselors, and administrators across western rural MN to identify and develop media materials supporting future health professionals’ engagement in health careers 

Recovery Resources, Curriculum and Psychoeducation
Wayside Recovery Addiction Center
Creating a reference guide of resources, developing curriculum, and providing psychoeducation to clients.

Rural Health Service Strategy
Wilderness Health
Developing strategy to maximize rural health with attention to public policy, insurance reimbursement systems, regulatory environments, and hospital/clinic policies, procedures, and workflows

Social Determinants of Health…Connecting Patients and Families to Community Resources through FindHelp
Mower County/ Mayo Health
Developing process to build awareness and understanding of FindHelp, its use in the clinical setting, and how connection with community social service networks is imperative.

Workforce Mental Health and Burnout
Allina Health 
Promoting employee mental health by developing, conducting, and evaluating trainings for and assessments of burnout in the nursing workforce


Work in cooperation with those who receive care, provide care, and support the delivery of health services, programs, and education

Health Service Programs Data Story
EA Therapeutics Health
Demonstrating the effectiveness of the services and programs, implementing and evaluating the reproducibility of their data collection process in standard clinic practices

Interprofessional Initiatives and Experiences
The Center for Interprofessional Health
Collaborating with faculty, staff, students, and community partners

Interprofessional Programs Network Model
Center for Health Interprofessional Programs
Developing network infrastructure to promote sustainability, accessibility, and quality of individual care.

Global Challenges Community Engagement
The UMN Morris Challenge
Actively engaging with community stakeholders to promote community-based planning and development

Mobile Clinic Model
Neighborhood Health Source
Identifying infrastructure support and creating a model for a financially sustainable mobile clinic

Raise Awareness of Fentanyl Use in Black Communities
Hope Network
Increasing understanding of fentanyl use and overdose, particularly as it pertains to Black communities, who are disproportionately impacted by the opioid epidemic

Report on Physical Therapy Profession and Practice in Bolivia
Mano a Mano
Exploring and analyzing, developing education materials to be used by professionals in the setting and disseminate to stakeholders to support needs


Advance Novel Interprofessional Initiatives
Center for Interprofessional Health
Promoting advanced personal leadership development and providing mentorship

Advancing Strategic Imperatives
National Center of Interprofessional Practice & Education 
Advancing strategic imperatives around racism within health care teams and the engagement of individuals, families and communities in the Nexus

Care Team Communication Platform
GuidePointe Pharmacy
Introducing, implementing a communication platform for a primary care team - especially during crisis situations

Community Health Needs Assessment
Welia Health
Facilitating discussions surrounding implementation strategies to meet identified community health needs and presenting reporting to senior leadership and governing board

Interprofessional Community Health Initiatives in West Central Minnesota
The UMN Morris Challenge
Supporting the conceptualization and launch based on the needs of the populations involved

Interprofessional Education and Teaming Resources
Compiling and developing resources, creating a resource webpage, and developing a teaming toolkit

Model to Monitor the Lifecycle of a Tiered Huddle System
Veterans Administration
Developing and implementing model and monitoring team alignment

Quantitative and Qualitative Patient Satisfaction Model
Community University Health Care Center
Developing templates, mapping workflows for surveys, and developing structure for reports in the peer review process


Improve Interprofession Practice Care Model
Community-University Health Care Center
Improving interprofessional practice care model, a process that brings other clinics together that are doing similar work

Develop Student-driven IPE Experiences
Office of Academic Clinical Affairs
Developing student-driven IPE experiences in Greater MN and hospital-based placements

Improving Clinical Quality, Process, and Interprofessional practice care model
National Center of Interprofessional Practice & Education
Launch the Patient, Family, Community, Caregiver Initiative

Patient, Family, Community, Caregiver Initiative
National center of Interprofessional Practice & Education
Project Tagline:  Launching the Patient, Family, Community, Caregiver Initiative

2023-2024 Interns at a Glance

Deliver, enhance, or expande access to rural and mobile health services, programs, and education

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Areas of Intern Development

Communication Tools & Techniques
Choose communication tools and techniques that facilitate effective interprofessional team interactions.

Interdisciplinary Conceptual Knowledge
Integrate the knowledge and experience of interprofessional team members to enhance project outcomes and improve understanding of the other profession(s).

Interprofessional Problem Solving
Engage other health professionals in shared problem-solving appropriate to the project needs with demonstrated project-specific outcomes.

Leadership & Management
Apply leadership practices that support equitable and effective interprofessional collaboration.

Act with honesty and integrity in relationships with interprofessional student and community/clinical partner relationships.

Responsible Conduct of Research
Evaluate and integrate available evidence to inform effective interprofessional teamwork and promote desired project outcomes.