2022-2023 OACA Interprofessional Interns

IPE inters 2023

Office of Academic Clinical Affairs Interprofessional Internship

Students from across the health sciences in our 2022-2023 cohort

2022-2023 OACA intern degrees/ schools pie chart

Theme: Work in cooperation with those who receive care, provide care, and support the delivery of health services, programs, and education.


Center for Interprofessional Health Project

The Center for Interprofessional Health (CIH) Co-Lead Intern position serves 3 purposes: 1) Promotes advanced personal leadership development in an interprofessional context; 2) Provides mentorship to and leadership of incoming intern cohorts; 3) Contributes to the advancement of novel interprofessional initiatives in line with UMN Strategic Plan priorities through cross-sector collaboration approaches. Interns will collaborate with faculty, staff, students, and community partners to actively enhance interprofessional initiatives and support quality experiences for a variety of stakeholders.


Arazu Kian

Arazu Kian, BSN 
School of Nursing

Arazu Kian, BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing), is pursuing DNP-WHNP, Doctorate in Nursing Practice- Women's Health and Gender-Related Nurse Practitioner, (2023). She previously worked as a quality improvement nurse and a perinatal nurse. Her background is in nursing research and women's health care through the lifespan. She hopes to focus her career on addressing social determinants of health specific to women's & gender-related health. She enjoys skiing and sailing in her free time.

Elena Tran

Elena Tran, BA
School of Public Health

Elena Tran is pursuing an MPH in public health administration and policy (spring 2023). She has experience in healthcare, community health promotion and engagement, and population health. She is dedicated to interprofessional collaboration, community-informed research and action, and systems-thinking approaches to address health inequities in her community. She enjoys playing and watching soccer, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.

Center for Health Interprofessional Programs Project

Interns will develop Care Corner network infrastructure to promote sustainability, accessibility, and quality of individual Care Corners and the Health Sciences Care Corner Network, which aims to have a sustainable and meaningful impact on food insecurity among health professional students. Interns will also develop community partnerships to 1) Pilot the Care Corner model in at least one non-profit community partner site, and 2) explore partnerships with multiple organizations to support infrastructure of the Care Corner network both off and on campus.


Nicole Oblon

Nicole Oblon, BS
School of Public Health

Nicole Oblon, BS (Genetics), is pursuing an Environmental Health MPH with minors in Health Equity and Global Public Health (2022). She is currently working as a Research Assistant at Children’s Minnesota, and she plans to attend medical school following her graduation. She hopes to improve the overall health of her community on an individual level and population level in the future. She enjoys hiking, running, watching college basketball, baking, and visiting restaurants/ coffee shops.

Chenwei Yan

Chenwei Yan, BA

College of Pharmacy / School of Public HealthChenwei Yan, BA (Biology, Society, and Environment) is pursuing a PharmD/MPH dual degree (2026). She previously worked for a NPO to advocate for rare liver disease patients. She is currently one of the leadership team members of Boynton Health Nutritious U Food Pantry. She hopes to integrate community voices in her work and help assess community needs in various ways. She enjoys traveling and reading in her free time.

EA Therapeutic Health Project

Interns will use existing historical EMR data to create a data story demonstrating the effectiveness of the services and programs at Exercisabilities. Utilizing existing data and associated research, they will identify and recommend effective outcome measurement tools related to the social determinants of health, readiness for change, health improvement, and quality of life. Interns will implement and evaluate the reproducibility of their data collection process in standard clinic practices.


Jenna Broihahn

Jenna Broihahn, BS
Center for Allied Health

Jenna Broihahn, BS (Rehabilitation Psychology) is pursuing an OTD (class of 2024). She is passionate about the support community relationships can offer in building resilience and promoting well-being. Jenna enjoys traveling, trying out new coffee shops, and doing puzzles.

Meghan Ford

Meghan Ford, BA
School of Public Health

Meghan Ford is pursuing a MPH in Public Health Administration and Policy. She is passionate about addressing health inequities through work that centers the patient experience as a tool for quality and systems improvement and increases access to and utilization of care. Meghan currently works as the Program Manager for the Youth Health and Housing Lab and a Graduate Assistant for Interdisciplinary Research Leaders, both at the UMN. For fun, she likes to hike, read, and travel.

Hope Network Project

Interns will work with the Steve Rummler HOPE Network to raise awareness and increase understanding of fentanyl use and overdose, particularly as it pertains to Black communities, who are disproprotionately impacted by the opioid epidemic.


Kandeija Bagurusi

Kandeija Bagurusi, BS
Medical School

Kandeija Bagurusi, BS (Kinesiology), is pursing her Doctorate in Physical Therapy (2025). She has previously worked at an Outpatient Pediatric Therapy Clinic assisting therapists during patient sessions. She hopes to become a Pediatric Physical Therapist working directly with children and their families to be a part of assisting them in reaching their full abilities and potential.

Joy Schmidt

Joy Schmidt, BS
School of Public Health

Joy Schmidt, BS (Biology), is pursuing a MPH concentrating in Community Health Promotion (2023). She previously worked for Beckman Coulter in quality assurance, and 10,000 families doing sample processing. She is passionate about building community, whole person health, and increasing access to healthcare.

Mano a Mano Project

Interns will explore and analyze the physical therapy profession and practice in Bolivia. With a thorough comprehension of the discipline and context, they will develop education materials about necessary equipment to be used by professionals in the setting and disseminate to stakeholders to support needs.


Robert Pokorney

Robert Pokorney, BA, MA
School of NursingRobert Pokorneyy, BA (Colorado College), MA (Middlebury College), is pursing a MS in nursing (2024). He has worked as a ski patroller, Great Lakes mariner, and study abroad director. He hopes to work in emergency care, but is open to discovering other interests over the course of his nursing career.

Maddie Weirick

Maddie Weirick, BS
School of Public Health

Maddie Weirick (she/her), BS (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Women's & Gender Studies) is pursuing an MPH in Community Health Promotion (2023). She previously worked with Minnesota's Pine County Public Health Department evaluating the results of a workplace wellbeing initiative. In the future, she hopes to do work to improve the health and wellbeing of LGBTQ+ folks living in rural communities. She enjoys reading, hiking, and watching B horror movies with her partner and cats.

Tiffany Widseth

Tiffany Widseth, BS
Medical School Doctor of Physical Therapy 

Tiffany Widseth is pursuing a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (2025). She hopes to be able to make a positive difference in her future patients lives and is excited to start her career. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, working out, and being outdoors.

Morris Challenge Project

The UMN Morris Challenge promotes sustainability, practical solutions, and community cooperation to engage communities to improve health and quality of life. Interns will support the Challenge Director in identifying opportunities for high school students in West Central Minnesota to connect with, learn from, and shadow health professionals in their communities. Interns will actively engage with community stakeholders to promote community-based planning and development.


Saliha Chaudhry

Saliha Chaudhry, BA
Medical School

Saliha Chaudhry, BA (Biology, Society, and the Environment, Public Heath), is pursing a Doctor of Medicine degree (MD). Saliha has been an active leader in building community health promoting initiatives that are directed towards health equity, cultural humility, and research. She is passionate about serving as a health advocate and hopes to continue to build the skillsets to provide care resources to vulnerable populations.

Kevan O'hanlon

Kevan O'Hanlon, BA
School of Public Health

Kevan O'Hanlon is pursuing a MPH in Environmental Health Sciences (2024). She has previously worked in youth services, substance use treatment, and has spent several years volunteering with a rural emergency medical response system. She is interested in community exposures, substance use, and rural health care systems. She also enjoys running and wants to learn how to cross country ski this winter.

Neighborhood Health Source Project

Interns will identify infrastructure support and create a model for a financially sustainable mobile clinic in the metro area. The goals of this model will be to provide preventative care to uninsured children and more specifically, to improve immunization rates for Latinix and African American children in Hennepin and Anoka Counties.


Hodan Hachi

Hodan Hachi, BS
School of Public Health

Hodan Hachi, BS (Biology) is pursuing a MPH with an emphasis in Global Health and minor in Epidemiology. Hodan hopes to travel and work for a nonprofit that promotes global health and health equity. In her free time, she enjoys baking, reading, and spending times with family and friends.