Our team provides leadership in financial management and budget development, financial data analyses, and decision support and reporting systems.

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We also provide grants management, transaction processing, and support for the shared service and administrative units of the health sciences. We work in collaboration with the University’s Office of Budget and Finance 



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Departmental Contacts

Departmental Contacts

Lori Doehne
[email protected]

Lindsy Gornick
Molecular Cellular Therapy Fin Pro 3-Fin Gnrlst
[email protected]

Andrea Johnson
Masonic Cancer Center Finance Director
[email protected]

Patrick Mann
Clinical Translational Science Institute Finance Manager
[email protected]

Kathy Quandt
Clinical Trials Financial Services Finance Manager
[email protected]

College and School Contacts

College and School Contacts

Medical School
Pete Mitsch, CFO
[email protected]

College of Pharmacy
Jeff Thomas, Director of Finance
[email protected]

School of Dentistry
Joel Heschele
[email protected]

School of Nursing
Curtis Coffer
[email protected]

School of Public Health
Joe Weisenburger, CAO/CFO
[email protected]

College of Veterinary Medicine
Sarah Goulet
[email protected]


Finance Staff

Katie Conover

Executive Accounts Specialist
  • Voucher Specialist
  • Departmental Deposits
  • Purchase Requests

Mitch Lee

Executive Accounts Specialist
  • Voucher Specialist
  • Departmental Deposits
  • Purchase Requests

Lia Chorath

Chorath G&C Pro 3-Pre-Award Admin
  • Preaward Grants Management

Kristen Frost-Griep , CPA

Finance Director

RRC Manager

  • Health Sciences Administration
  • Office of Academic Clinical Affairs


  • Center for Bioethics
  • Center for Translational Medicine
  • Institute for Cell Gene Immunotherapy
  • Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain
  • MN Partnership for Bioetechnology Medical Genomics / Regenerative Medicine Minnesota
  • Mouse Genetics Lab
  • OACA Office of Clinical Research
  • University Flow Cytometry Resource

Tamera Hagen

Executive Accounts Specialist
  • Voucher Specialist
  • Departmental Deposits
  • Purchase Requests
  • Journal Entries

Heidi Huff

Fin Pro 2-Fin Gnrlst
  • Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility

Angela Zellmer King

Finance Professional 2 Supervisor and Cluster Director
  • Cluster Director
  • Chrome River Navigator
  • Effort Certification


  • Health Information Privacy & Compliance office
  • Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain
  • OACA Admin Support
  • OACA Clinical Interprofessional Education
  • OACA Communications
  • OACA Development
  • OACA Facilities
  • OACA Human Resources

Joseph Menth

Financial Analyst 2


  • BioRepository
  • Institute for Health Informatics
  • MSimulation

Elizabeth Nunnally , BA, MAT, MA

Chief Financial Officer

Beth Nunnally, BA, MAT, MA, has served as Associate VP/CFO for health sciences at the University of Minnesota since October 2000. Before stepping into this role, Beth was the University of Minnesota’s tax director, following a seven year career at the international public accounting firm of Coopers & Lybrand. In another professional life, prior to public accounting, Beth taught secondary school English.

She completed a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree at Vanderbilt University and, later, a master’s in accounting at the University of Iowa.

BiKe Ojomo

Finance Professional 2
  • Department Card Administrator
  • Effort Certification

MN Partnership for Bioetechnology and Medical Genomics / Regenerative Medicine Minnesota

Mary Swenson

Financial Analyst
  • MERC: Medical Education and Research Costs

Linda Yang

Procurement Specialist
  • Procurement Specialist
  • Billing Specialist
  • ISO uploads