Academic Search File

What to include in an Academic (Faculty and P&A) search file:

  • Job description and qualifications
  • The general checklist for hiring Academic Appointments i.e. Faculty and P&A
  • All resumes/applications/CVs you received
  • Copies of any advertising, announcements, or other solicitations that were done.
  • Copies of any correspondence with candidates
  • All paperwork that documents the selection and non-selection of applicants within the entire process. This will include:
    • Minutes from the search committee meetings, including names of search committee members
    • Criteria used to determine job qualifications and selection criteria, which must be job related
    • Decisions/information regarding what competencies, education, and experience you are looking for in the successful candidate, and how each will be evaluated or given relative merit
    • List of the interview questions
  • Notes taken during interviews
  • Documentation on why applicants who were qualified and/or interviewed were not recommended for hire
  • Notes from reference checks or background checks that were performed
  • Names of finalists selected
  • Copy of the offer letter(s)

The official search file should be kept in the department or unit for seven (7) years. Contact the Office of the General Counsel before final disposition.