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VP Jakub Tolar

Jakub Tolar

"We choose to practice interprofessional health care, to base our practices in science, and to educate the next generation of professionals as interdisciplinary teams."

- Dr. Jakub Tolar

How We Are Shaping the Future of Health Care

The world around us is changing, and health care today looks very different than it did a year ago. New technologies, telehealth, social distancing—all of these have had and will continue to have an enormous impact on how we keep the citizens of Minnesota healthy or bring them back to health.

The Office of Academic Clinical Affairs (OACA) supports all clinical programs at the University of Minnesota. Our clinical research and training leverages professionals from all disciplines, who work together to improve patient experiences and outcomes. We create the infrastructure for clinical research and prepare the future health care workforce with interprofessional clinical training.

The priorities of our office are:

  • Broad engagement of students, faculty and staff across the University
  • Enhancement of community and provider partnerships
  • Expansion of interprofessional clinical training opportunities
  • Advancement of interdisciplinary clinical research

The complexity of the future requires emphasized teamwork, cross-disciplinary collaboration, cross-University collaboration, and an increased effort to look beyond ourselves and our own knowledge. The best science, the best education, the best clinical care depends on our interconnection and our diverse experiences.

The combined expertise of our centers and institutes gives us the collective power to train students for the future, discover and develop new therapies and innovations, enlarge our knowledge, and bring the best possible patient-centered care to our communities.

Modern problems have complex solutions. Collaboratively, across disciplines, we are working to tackle health care’s grand challenges.

Jakub Tolar, MD, PhD
Vice President for Clinical Affairs

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