Dr. Weaver teaching a Stop the Bleed Station

Training Future Simulation Leaders

Lauren Weaver, MD, is M Simulation’s newest surgical simulation fellow.
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An Educational Continuum for Professionals Interested in Interprofessional Teaching, Innovations, Practice and Research

Since 2022, the Center for Interprofessional Health’s Affiliate Faculty & Ambassador Program has brought together health professionals from the community and the University to enrich their understanding and experience in…

Beyond the Sum of Our Parts

A moment to recognize and celebrate achievements across the health sciences and our soon-to-be graduates.
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2023 Clinical Training Sites of Excellence Awardees

Since 2020, the Clinical Training Sites of Excellence program has recognized community and clinical training partners for exceptional support to University health sciences learners.
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Faculty Inducted into National Academies of Practice

The prestigious honor acknowledges their outstanding achievements and recognizes them as leaders in their professions.
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IPE Scholars Program Cultivates and Nurtures Collaboration

Angela Botiba was initially drawn to the program because of its explicit focus on interprofessional education and collaboration.
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Nurturing the Future: Investing in Workforce Development

Our dedication to workforce development today will yield a healthier and more vibrant tomorrow.
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Joint Strategic Planning

Strengthen our alignment and collaborations across the health sciences to best meet the health needs of Minnesota.
Lou Clark

M Simulation Executive Director Leads Global Network for Human Simulation Education

ASPE is an international organization of educators dedicated to human simulation.
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Fostering Collaboration through a Community of Practice

Individuals from diverse disciplines unite to harness their collective expertise, address common challenges, and advance their understanding of critical topics.