2019 Regenerative Medicine Minnesota Research Awards Announced

Regenerative Medicine Minnesota just awarded $1.2 million to fund Biobusiness Development and Education Programs throughout the state!

In 2014, the Minnesota Legislature created Regenerative Medicine Minnesota (RMM) as a joint venture between the University of Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic with the goal of establishing infrastructure and supporting research that would bring the benefits of regenerative medicine to the citizens of the state.

Now in its fifth year, RMM recently requested proposals for Biobusiness Development to create infrastructure to produce regenerative products and Education Programs to help prepare the next generation of highly skilled workers to help produce and administer regenerative medicine therapies.

The following applications received one-year Regenerative Medicine Minnesota grants:


Vanesa Alonso Camino, PhD, Mill Creek Life Sciences
Development of Technology for the Large-scale Production of a Novel Dendritic Cell Vaccine for the Treatment of Glioblastoma

Frank Burton, PhD, Psyncretis, Inc.
Therapeutic & IP Optimization of Provisionally-Patented Anti-Inflammatory Wound-Healing Accelerant

Dominique Davidow, PhD, Miromatrix Medical Inc.
Automation of Cell Culture with a Terumo Quantum Cell Expansion System to Create Recellularized Bioengineered Whole Organs

Ohad Gafni, PhD, Recombinetics
Human Hematopoiesis in Genetically Modified Swine

Richard Murphy, Vascudyne Inc.
Development of Regenerative Engineered Tissue Embedded Cardiovascular Device

Timothy D. O'Brien, DVM, PhD, Superior Organoid Technologies, LLC
Development of Organoid-Derived Chondrocyte Products for Articular Cartilage Repair

Neil Otto, PhD, B-MoGen Biotechnologies
Amaxa LV Unit for Engineered Therapeutic Cells for Regenerative Medicine

Patrick Walsh, MS, Anatomi Corp.
Extending the Anatomi Corp Differentiation Ecosystem for the Production of hiPSC-Derived Neuronal Subtypes


Randy S. Daughters, PhD, Macalester College
Minnesota Regenerative Medicine Education and Outreach Program (MRMEOP)

Roslie Sterner, MD/PhD Candidate, Mayo Medical School
Graduate and Postdoctoral Training in Regenerative T Cell Immunotherapy and CART Cell Therapy

Saranya P. Wyles, MD, PhD, Mayo Medical School
Building and Retaining Next-Generation Physician Workforce in Regenerative Medicine and Surgery in Minnesota: Mission to 2025


Anne Brataas, Boreal Community Media
Planaria Pop-Up: Teaching Rural K-12 Kids Regenerative Medicine Science at 4 Minnesota County Fairs

Karlene A. French, Science from Scientists
In-School Module-Based STEM Enrichment Programs - Academic Year 2020

Bruce Horazdovsky, Mayo Clinic
Women in Science and Engineering Research to promote young scientists through community engaged STEM activities in Minnesota

Elizabeth Steinborn-Gourley, Mankato State University
Explore STEM Program: Reducing Barriers and Increasing Awareness and Interest in STEM Careers

Anna Wirta Kosobuski, EdD, University of Minnesota Medical School Duluth
Innovators of the Future: Community-based Science Programs

Mark Wehde, Mayo Clinic
The Mayo Clinic Career Awareness in Regenerative Medicine, Science, and Engineering Program

Additional information about these and other grants can be found at www.regenmedmn.org.

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