Stinson CUHCC legal partnership celebration

Celebrating 30 Years of the First Medical Legal Partnership in the U.S.

Last month, our Community-University Health Care Center (CUHCC) and Stinson LLP celebrated the 30th anniversary of their ongoing partnership.

Since 1993, Stinson has provided free legal services for CUHCC patients, many of whom face multiple barriers to optimum health and wellbeing, through the Deinard Legal Clinic. The partnership between Stinson and CUHCC was the very first medical legal partnership in the United States, and kicked off a nationwide movement for health care legal partnerships.

Many CUHCC patients represented by the firm face barriers to accessing legal assistance, thus affecting their physical and mental health and diminishing their long-term health outcomes. Services provided span numerous areas of the law, including immigration law, family law, landlord/tenant law, social security appeals and guardianships, among many others.

Stinson CUHCC legal partnership leaders at celebration
Stinson Managing Partner Allison Murdock, CUHCC CEO Roli Dwivedi, MD, and Stinson Deputy Managing Partner David Crosby

"Stinson's 30 years of service to CUHCC has had a direct impact on the lives of our patients as it allows us to further our dedication of promoting good health, healthy living and improving the wellbeing for our patients, their families and communities. The partnership is a unique way of transforming care and helps to move our patient community forward by recognizing the various social determinants at play in an individual's health and addressing through pro bono legal assistance many issues that cannot be remedied through medication or medical treatment alone," said Roli Dwivedi, MD, CUHCC's CEO. "We are so thankful to have this unique and remarkable partnership and to have Stinson's pro bono services available to CUHCC clients and patients."

CUHCC serves a diverse population – 12 different races representing 114 ethnicities – who are particularly vulnerable due to socioeconomic issues, mental illness and mental health concerns, and language barriers.

"Many patients often need help and expertise beyond physical and mental care to achieve their health and recovery goals," said Carolyn Porta, PhD, MPH, RN, associate vice president for clinical affairs. "The partnership between Stinson and CUHCC is crucial to help our patients have a voice in legal issues that impact their health."

To date, Stinson has donated over 136,000 hours of pro bono legal representation to more than 3,200 CUHCC patients.

"The continued success of our Deinard Legal Clinic demonstrates what can be accomplished when pro bono service is embedded in a firm's culture," Stinson Managing Partner Allison Murdock said. "We take seriously our commitment to the communities Stinson calls home. The very best of the Twin Cities is on display in the dedicated leadership of our legal clinic committee and all the Minneapolis attorneys, paralegals and staff who sustain the Deinard Legal Clinic."

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