CUHCC providers interacting with patient

Celebrating National Community Health Center Week: CUHCC Provides Whole-Person Care

The University of Minnesota is proud to recognize and celebrate its very own Community-University Health Care Center (CUHCC) during National Community Health Center Week (August 7-12th). 

Community health centers help increase access to crucial primary care by reducing barriers such as cost and lack of insurance, and bridging distance by bringing care to communities, and on-site language interpretation for their patients. In doing so, health centers — also called Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) serve as a beacon of service, inclusivity and care to over 30 million patients nationwide. 

CUHCC was founded in 1966, by two University of Minnesota Medical School physicians/professors to provide high-quality medical healthcare to low-income children in the Phillips neighborhoods. After a number of years of seeing the unmet need in the parents, CUHCC added dental and mental health services and extended these services to adults including refugees and immigrants. CUHCC is Minnesota’s first and longest-running community health center. 

The clinic, located in the heart of the Phillips neighborhood, serves almost 10,000 patients per year in 55 different languages. CUHCC compliments core services with outreach and education, income-based discounts and insurance enrollment assistance, domestic abuse and sexual assault advocacy, pro-bono legal services, and much more. The clinic serves everyone regardless of ability to pay. It also serves as an essential training site for the University’s dental, medical and pharmacy schools. Approximately 175 future health professionals (residents, medical students, etc.) learn to provide integrated, whole-person care at CUHCC.

This National Health Center Week, CUHCC is teaming up with the University’s Mobile Health Initiative to provide free vision screenings to CUHCC patients and community members.

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