Introducing the Wellbeing Alliance

Are you frustrated with the amount of time spent entering data into Epic versus time with your patient? Are you stuck in a workplace culture that rewards the status quo?

Are you ready to see feedback from burnout and engagement surveys drive action?

Every day we experience things that build on – or take away from – our personal sense of wellbeing. And when we’re all here to improve health, it’s important that we don’t lose sight of what it means to take care of ourselves – both individually and as a system.

Meet the Wellbeing Alliance
Across our system, there are many people, projects, champions, and resources working on wellbeing. A new group - The Wellbeing Alliance - brings all of this together and builds a unified approach with a common goal: The Wellbeing Alliance will own the complexity of wellbeing and make meaningful progress for everyone.

“We have asked you what is getting in the way of being your best, how the system could function better, and what resources you need to find joy and stay resilient. We have heard you. Together, we will drive the change you’ve asked for and the change you need,” says Alliance co-chair Teri Verner DNP, RN.

A driving principle of this work is inclusivity. “We need everyone to feel a part of this effort, as there is so much strength and synergy our teams can bring from the academic health centers to community practices,” shares Bryan Williams, MD, PhD. This work is being driven and supported by leaders from across the joint clinical enterprise and the academic health centers. Verner and Williams will be a dyadic leadership team to coordinate and champion these efforts.

There’s a lot going on already
Here are a few examples of activities that are happening and resources that are already available across our system.

  1. In March, nearly 200 leaders learned about Rediscovering Joy in Work and how to foster a joyful workplace at the annual Director Summit.
  2. Dr. Williams is meeting with physicians and providers across M Health Fairview to share the vision for the Wellbeing Alliance and how to get involved.
  3. In May, we’re launching improvements in Epic to remove small barriers that many of us experience each day.
  4. Check out the Taking Care of Your Health and Wellbeing for a wealth of resources and information on wellbeing.
  5. HealthEast and Fairview Wellbeing Champion programs joined forces with the launch of a newly-integrated champion program.
  6. Teams are working to determine how wellbeing can be incorporated in to the Daily Engagement System.
  7. Refresh and recharge yourself with meditation opportunities across our system. You can join Stressbusters, an informal hour of meditation and light movement on the East Bank. There are also other opportunities across our system listed on the Fairview intranet calendar.
  8. Join us for Food Matters for Health Professionals. This is a 1.5-day intensive workshop for health professionals and is an evidence-based culinary nutrition course for health professionals and clinicians. The next session is on June 20 and 21. Continuing education credits are available. Head to the program page for more information.
  9. Join us for Bringing the Kitchen to the Clinic, a workshop on nutrition for health. The next session is on April 26. Continuing education credits are available. Click here for more information.

This is just the beginning. Watch for more in the coming weeks and months!

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