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Looking Ahead

VP Jakub Tolar, MD, PhD

As we enter the halfway point of the academic year and the start of 2024, we've already accomplished a great deal.

In the next six months, let’s work together to fully implement the new vision of the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) to find better, faster ways to bring scientific advances to real-world use. As one of the largest, most comprehensive academic health centers in the U.S, we have phenomenal resources available to us.

With our six health sciences schools, interdisciplinary centers, and affiliated programs, we have unique opportunities to explore interprofessional health care models and ensure that patients receive the highest-quality care. Beyond that, we have an entire University where we can find and bring value, and a state full of communities with which to partner. OACA is here to help with that. We can help you make new connections and create support infrastructure for partnerships in clinical research and training.

This year, let’s look beyond the usual to explore new collaborations in research, education, and clinical care. Whether community-based or international in scope, our work comes together to improve health in many ways–access to care, quality of care, and improvement of quality of life across our many fields of expertise and service.

Martha DeMeules:  I'm continually impressed by the unique insights my interprofessional colleagues provide about not only their field but mine as well

Driving Innovation & Discovery


Minnesota Partnership Awards Five Collaborative Research Grants for 2023
The Minnesota Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics is funded by the State of Minnesota and provides support for innovative research conducted by collaborative teams from the U of M and Mayo Clinic. Totaling $6.75 million, this year’s awards fund innovative projects on cancer, rare genetic diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, cognitive aging, and new health models to study diseases.

The award-winning projects and awardees for 2023 are:

Eric Klee, PhD, Mayo Clinic; Mark Osborn, PhD, U of M
Minnesota Functional Omics Resource (MNFORce)

David Largaespada, PhD, U of M; Saad Kenderian, MB, ChB, Mayo Clinic
Center for Functional Genomics of Immunotherapy (CFGI)

Anne Murray, MD, MSc, U of M; David Knopman, MD, Mayo Clinic
The Healthy Aging in the Senior Years (HATS) Study: Cardiovascular Contributions to Brain Health and Dementia in Twin Cities Black Residents

Brenda Ogle, PhD, U of M; Charles Howe, PhD, Mayo Clinic
Organoid Biomanufacturing for Transforming Healthcare

Wolfgang Singer, MD, Mayo Clinic; Sang-Hyun Oh, PhD, U of M
Towards a Center for Advanced Synucleinopathy Diagnostics (ASCEND): Development and optimization of nanoparticle-enhanced seed amplification assays for blood-based detection of synucleinopathies

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Save the Date: Clinical Training Sites of Excellence Nomination Period
The nomination period for the 2023 OACA Clinical Training Sites of Excellence Awards will open Jan. 22. This program recognizes community and clinical partners who have provided exceptional support for our health sciences learners. These may be external or internal clinical partners. The nomination period will close Feb. 16, and the recipients will be announced by the end of March/early April.

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Apply Now For Research Career Support
The Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) is now accepting applications for two research career development programs (
K-R01 Transition to Independence Program & K Accelerator Program) aimed at helping junior investigators build their research careers. Research funds, mentorship, exclusive seminars, individualized research training plans, and ongoing support are available through these programs for U of M faculty. LOIs for both programs are due Feb. 1.

Advancing Interprofessional Education & Training

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Gain Hands-On Health Research Experience
Applications for the 2023-24 Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility (CGHSR) Scholars program are now open. CGHSR Scholars are University doctoral students, postdocs, and recent master's level graduates who complete 8–12 months of mentored research at an international study site. Scholars will work on an active research study led by faculty from the U of M or from a partner institution.


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Cultural Considerations to Promote Effective Collaboration
This student-led health professions blog is a hub for information on interprofessional education and collaboration. In the latest entry, Master of Public Health student Grace De Boom and Doctor of Medicine student Minda Liu discuss cultural considerations in collaborative practice. Previous entries focus on a variety of teamwork-related topics, including patient-centered care, psychological safety, self-advocacy, and implicit bias.


Partnering with Communities

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Know a Rural Expert Who is Advancing Community Health?
Project REACH is a year-long development program that empowers diverse community leaders in rural Minnesota with health policy and leadership training. Participants receive training, access to an expert network through the University, and a $1,200 stipend to help them advocate to improve health in their communities. Please share this opportunity among your networks. Interested applicants must complete the interest form by March 4.


U-Wide Events and Opportunities

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Rural Communities
The sessions on Jan. 22 & 29 will provide a snapshot of the intersection of race and racism in rural Minnesota communities. Participants will gain an understanding of the rich diversity that exists across rural Minnesota.


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Interested in Advancing Data Capabilities and Translation for Clinical Researchers?
The Clinical Quality, Outcomes, Discovery, and Evaluation Core is looking for a co-director and has an open call for applications.                 


Other News

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Our community of leaders in aging science, practice, and policy are advancing initiatives that enhance the quality of life for older adults.
An adult man with a backpack on his shoulder admires the sunset on the sea standing with his back to the viewer
With the success of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) treatment, more people with HIV are living longer.
 Kandeija Bagurusi and Connor Oetzmann
Kandeija Bagurusi and Connor Oetzmann are working to enhance access to quality health care.