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Nurturing the Future: Investing in Workforce Development

VP Jakub Tolar, MD, PhD

As we embark on a journey to shape the future of health care in Minnesota and beyond, our commitment to workforce development is a cornerstone of our mission. In the ever-evolving landscape of health sciences, our dedication to cultivating a skilled, diverse, and resilient workforce is paramount.

In 2022-23, enrollment in the
1Health IPE Curriculum totaled 4,453. The IPE Scholars Program, which offers health professions students a unique opportunity to enhance their knowledge and foster important collaboration skills, has had 71 students participate to date. The Interprofessional Internship Program, launched in 2020, has partnered 69 students with clinical and community partners across Minnesota to collaborate on a wide-range of projects to develop real-world working relationships and advance interprofessional education and practice.

As we continue to nurture interest in health careers through pipeline programs and offer support and training for learners and early-career professionals, let us stand united in our pursuit of excellence, knowing that our dedication to workforce development today will yield a healthier and more vibrant tomorrow. We would love to hear what pipeline programs and workforce initiatives you have in your area.

“Interprofessional activities are a great way to learn about different roles in health care and get to know people with different interests, skill sets, and goals. Incorporating interprofessional coursework and extracurriculars into my training helps me practice effective teamwork—a crucial skill for a future in health care. I co-lead PHASA, an interprofessional student organization, and through this experience, I have learned about the similarities and differences in training and practice for each health d

Driving Innovation & Discovery

Northern LITeS

Gain Leadership Experience Tailored to Your Needs
Northern LITeS is a structured year-long leadership training experience for faculty and academic leaders involved in clinical or translational research or with responsibilities related to academic administration or education and training programs in which clinical or translational research is involved. The Northern LITeS program provides executive-level training and is tailored to the needs of experienced academics in biomedical, clinical, and health-related sciences. Nominations are due March 15.


Walleye Tank

Walleye Tank Spring Fishing Edition 2024
Join the Carlson School of Management on March 15 for the spring edition of Walleye Tank, a fun startup pitch competition and tradition highlighting Minnesota life science innovators. The event features pitches from entrepreneurs and innovators in four categories overseen by a judging panel of experienced entrepreneurs and investors.


IEM Innovation Week
IEM Innovation Week is April 8-12 and highlights events that focus on advances and new directions in medical engineering. Engineering to fight cancer, neurological disorders, failing organs, and many other ailments-and it is all at the University of Minnesota. The week’s activities include four days of technical sessions, three different workshops, 5.10k Fun Run and Road Race, networking mixers, poster sessions, competitions and more.



23rd Annual Design of Medical Devices Conference
Join the Bakken Medical Devices Center April 8-10 for Workshop Monday and two days of technical sessions and keynote presentations focused on the latest research directions and issues faced in developing medical technology. The mission of the Design of Medical Devices Conference is to facilitate collaboration between academia and industry.

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11th Annual Minnesota Neuromodulation Symposium
The symposium on April 10-12 includes plenary presentations by leaders in academia, industry and government, and poster presentations to exchange ideas in this exciting field.


hospital rounds

ODAT-Supported Technology Facilitates Patient-Doctor Communication
Q-rounds is a new technology that aims to address challenges related to family participation in hospital rounds through features like real-time notifications to patients’ families when rounds will take place and an option for virtual attendance by family members who can’t be at the hospital due to geographic barriers or other obligations, like work and caring for other family members.

Advancing Interprofessional Education and Training

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Leadership Journeys: Fireside Chat with Dr. Jakub Tolar
These fireside chats bring together U of M health sciences students with experts for candid conversation on leadership, career pathways, sources of joy, an d strategies to rejuvenate.


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Apply for Itasca Ecohealth IPE Experience Spring 2024 Retreat
This intensive, fun weekend-long collaborative learning retreat is for health sciences students and takes place in a Minnesota state park to foster appreciation for ecohealth principles and geopolitical considerations in health. Applications are open through March 17. 

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Check Out Collaboration Insights: A Health Professions Blog for Effective Collaboration
This student-led health professions blog is a hub for information on interprofessional education and collaboration. In the latest entry, PharmD/MPH student Chenwei Yan, MD student Lyndel Sorenson, and DPT student Rachel Schoneman discuss navigating role conflict and role ambiguity. Previous entries focus on a variety of teamwork-related topics, including cultural considerations, patient-centered care, psychological safety, and implicit bias.

Partnering with Communities

Mini Medical School Mind Matters

Academic Health in Action: 25 Years of Mini Medical School
When the University of Minnesota launched its Mini Medical School program 25 years ago, it was a series of hands-on sessions at the Moos Tower on the East Bank campus. The initiative attracted people who wanted to know more about physical health without doctor appointments or the medical school jargon.

U-Wide Events and Opportunities

mental health conversation

How You Are Matters: Mental Health Conversations at Work
Explore what mental health means and how to initiate mental health conversations at work. Whether you are struggling with mental health or know someone struggling, this webinar on March 12 is for you.

Hoifung Poon

Coming to Campus: Dr. Hoifung Poon from Microsoft Health Futures
Dr. Poon is one of the lead developers of Chat GPT. Learn about his expertise and perspective on the future of AI in health care on March 18. 

April 13: Cancer Survivorship Conference
Attend a free educational conference focused on questions and issues that survivors and their families often face after cancer treatment or following stem-cell transplantation.

April 26: Rural Collective Event in Austin, MN
Learn about the Rural Collective and network with others with a shared interest in rural health. 

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