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OACA Interprofessional Highlight: HealthPartners

April 5, 2022

Brandon Gilmer, BS, from the College of Pharmacy, Julie Ntegeye, BA, from the School of Public Health and Breana Stang, BS, from the Center for Allied Health are working with HealthPartners to compile and develop resources on interprofessional education and teaming, create a resource webpage, and develop a teaming toolkit that builds off of the HealthPartners Teaming Framework.

The team has now selected three teaming skills (communal, adaptability, and shared vision) to direct their efforts and are working on finding and creating resources for the teaming webpage being developed. Toolkit items will be tested with longitudinal nurse practitioner and physician assistant students this spring.

“My favorite part of this experience has been getting to know and working with accomplished health care professionals and passionate students like myself to create resources that will benefit the health care community,” said Stang.
Ntegye adds, “I've learned how to increase collaborative practice, cooperation skills, and patient outcomes through collaborating with others. Sharing and receiving knowledge has given me the courage to work in a group situation.”
“My favorite part of this opportunity has been collaborating with others to discover innovative ways for sharing our vision and inspiring our audience to engage in teaming. As a future pharmacist, I have a greater appreciation for how teaming can improve patient outcomes and overall wellbeing among the community of health care workers,” said Gilmer.

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