Nhi Lang, Claire Nash, and Margaret Perry

OACA Interprofessional Internship Highlight: Enhancing Data Collection at EA Therapeutic Health

Isabel Margerie

Claire Nash, BS, and Nhi Lang, BS, from the Medical School, and Margaret Perry, BA, from the School of Nursing are working with EA Therapeutic Health to extrapolate outcome measure data to determine the effectiveness of treatments. They are using this data to educate insurance companies on the positive outcomes that EA Therapeutics provides for patients' quality of life and community wellness. 

EA Therapeutic Health is a community-based provider of physical therapy and therapeutic health services. They provide specialized physical therapy and lifelong health and wellness support for children and adults in the Twin Cities area. EA Therapeutics' goal is to help continue to care for individuals beyond what insurance coverage provides. 

When reflecting on the insight that working with EA Therapeutics has given Lang, she shared, “I am inspired to continue working with health organizations and provide free/affordable services to patients in need.”

“Participating in this project has been a wonderful opportunity to work on interprofessional communication and teamwork. Each of our group mates comes from different health professions and it has been an incredible time learning and teaching each other. Health care is full of interprofessional communication and learning how to work with different fields is necessary for the betterment of our patients,” said Nash.

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