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OACA Interprofessional Internship Highlight: M Health Fairview Team #2

Arazu Kian, BS, DNP ‘23, from the School of Nursing and Taylor Sinn, BS, MHA ‘22, from the School of Public Health, are analyzing data from M Health Fairview to determine the different professions that are represented in student learners and where they are currently working in the system. After identifying general patterns of overlap, they are looking for areas for growth and opportunities for more interprofessional experiences for students. They are also investigating ways to map the data for future projects.

“I have learned a lot about teamwork,” said Kian. “We have gained great insight into our future professional roles working with clinical partners. There are many opportunities to work across disciplines with students from nursing, pharmacy, medicine, and physical therapy. My favorite part of the internship so far has been working with other interns and learning about their professional work, and how we can collaborate in health care settings to maximize efficiency and quality of care for our patients.”

“I've learned a lot about being proactive and a self-starter through this project,” added Sinn. “Nobody sat us down to explain everything and the project forced my partner and me to seek the information we needed. It also helped us to connect with other interns and see how our project fit into the bigger picture. Participating in all of the activities together has made this experience extremely valuable and rewarding. I have learned how to interact and work as a leader and within interprofessional teams. The fireside chats have also been a great and candid way to interact with University of Minnesota leaders, get advice, and have conversations on exceptional leadership during ever-changing times.”

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