OACA interns

OACA Interprofessional Internship Highlight: Office of Academic Clinical Affairs Team

Sara Dasler, BS, MA ‘22, from the College of Liberal Arts, Trang Nguyen, DDS, PhD, from the School of Dentistry, Bethany O’Bryan, BS, DVM, MPH ‘23 from the College of Veterinary Medicine, and Mariah Witt, BS, MMLS ‘21, from the Center for Allied Health Programs are developing student-driven interprofessional experiences within Greater Minnesota using virtual technology to provide a toolkit and structure for students interested in being part of interprofessional experiences, in partnership with OACA. 

After developing foundations of research, they are now creating valuable and exciting incorporations of IPE for students on site together this summer for clinical rotations, while working to develop platforms for learning with a long term impact. 

“I look forward to the day where I can fulfill my dream of creating a platform for evidence-based resources that clinicians from various clinical areas can access,” said Nguyen.

“I have learned an incredible and life changing amount of information about not only health care IPE, but also training which can impact anyone such as teamwork, leadership, presenting skills, personalities, communication, and professionalism through the work I have done to create content for others,” said Witt. “This work has made me a lifelong advocate for interprofessionalism.”

Witt added, “My favorite part of the experience thus far has been the challenge to meet creativity with evidence. As the first group of interns, there is a call for ideas and ways to develop a solid foundation for those ahead, which can be intimidating but is incredibly rewarding. I have enjoyed the unique opportunities to learn from role models in the community as well as create close partnerships with fellow students.”

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