Grace De Boom and Minda Liu

OACA Interprofessional Internship Highlight: Wayside Recovery Addiction Center

Isabel Margerie

Grace De Boom, BS, from the School of Public Health, and Minda Liu, BA, MPH, from the Medical School, have been working with Wayside Recovery Addiction Center to create a reference guide of resources for women who have completed their time at Wayside and are ready to return to their homes. This guide is aiming to assist patients by being a resource on topics relating to self-care, parenting, medication management, health care access, and other resources in the community. Through this project, the team has been able to apply their knowledge to learn how to design curriculum on topics such as parenting, addiction, and sexual health. 

Working in an interdisciplinary team has allowed the team to think from greater perspectives and diversify their skill set. Since their team consists of a medical student and a public health student, they were able to think of issues from an individual care lens as well as a population-level determinant of health viewpoint. De Boom and Liu additionally shared that their favorite part of the OACA Interprofessional Internship has been learning and working with each other. 

“While both of us have different paths that have brought us to this internship opportunity, we have discovered many similarities in how much we value community involvement in our home state of Minnesota” said Liu.

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