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OACA Interprofessional Internship Spotlight: Community-University Health Care Center

February 23, 2022

Mila Centrella, BA, from the School of Public Health, Vanessa Santamaria, BS, from the School of Public Health, and Ally Taubenheim, RN, PHN, BSN, from the School of Nursing are working with Community-University Health Care Center (CUHCC) to understand current patient satisfaction survey requirements, map annual workflows, and develop a structure for reports in the peer review process. They are analyzing quantitative and qualitative data at varying levels. The current goal is to codify and map templates that will be used for inputting future patient satisfaction survey results to help support the clinic's quality assurance and improvement efforts. 

“Through this experience, we have been able to observe and analyze real data trends among the patient populations at CUHCC. This project has also supported our learning in leading and managing a high-level project, and gave us the opportunity to grow our technical skills in data and trend analysis,” said the team. 

They added, “The project has impacted our future work as health care professionals by challenging us to bring our ideas together to represent patient satisfaction data in a transparent and viewer-friendly way. We bring all of our perspectives to the table and visualize the data to benefit all staff members and learners at CUHCC. As we all progress in our careers, we now understand how valuable it is to gather all perspectives and collaborate to share a patient’s care journey throughout any health facility."

Learning and growing with each other has been the team's favorite part of the experience.  

"There is an art to the formation of interprofessional teams. How we learn with, from, and about each other is really an evolving process and elicits personal and professional growth. We each bring unique experiences, knowledge and skills which have empowered each other,” said the team. “Lastly, as we continue to weather the pandemic, this experience also reminds us of the importance of living in community and being there for each other when it matters most.”

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