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The Responsibility (and honor) of Serving

VP Jakub Tolar, MD, PhD
“When health professional students come together, there is strength in the collective effort to bring change to some of the most important aspects of health care, but even more so, it proves that we were designed to live in community with others,” said Ally Taubenheim, a DNP student from the School of Nursing and an inaugural cohort member of the OACA Interprofessional Internship Program.

Health systems consistently ask that our graduates arrive for work understanding the different roles in the care team and how to work together in a coordinated unit. That’s why we educate and train our health professional students together and prepare them for team-based care by removing silos and creating opportunities for collaboration among learners from across the health sciences.

One year ago we opened the Health Sciences Education Center (HSEC) to students, staff, and faculty from all of our health sciences schools. HSEC deliberately creates space for interactions among students from other disciplines as they learn and socialize with each other. HSEC also provides interactive classrooms, simulation facilities, and library resources that offer active, evidence-based learning.

Because, as Ms. Taubenheim says, “we were designed to live in community with others,” HSEC embodies the commitment by the University and the state of Minnesota to health care education and improving care for people everywhere.


Advancing Interprofessional Education & Training

Center for Interprofessional Health

New: Center for Interprofessional Health

The Center for Interprofessional Health (CIH) is the new home for advancing health sciences interprofessional education and clinical training at the University of Minnesota. Its mission is to spark innovation in interprofessional education, practice, research, and collaboration. CIH also supports the diverse needs of health professions schools, colleges, and programs systemwide in preparing a collaborative, practice-ready workforce to serve Minnesota and beyond.

Partnering With Communities

Few people could have predicted the world would be approaching the second year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic, but here we are with the rollout of effective vaccines, new and more aggressive variants, and still many unknowns about what lies ahead. How do we persevere while maintaining health and wellness in the changing tide of a pandemic? Mini Medical School: Health and Wellness During a Pandemic is an exploratory journey of real-time updates on COVID-19, variants, and vaccines, the state of other diseases and infections during the pandemic, and mental health in this “new normal.” Registration is now open.

Driving Innovation & Discovery

Community Engaged Research

Small Grants Available For Community-Engaged Researchers

Clinical & Translational Science Institute’s small grant programs ($2,000, and $5,000) are designed for University and community partners to jump-start their projects that promote health equity for their communities, with help from UMN researchers and resources. Examples of potential projects include convening community experts and leaders to develop research agendas; gathering data, implementing a new program, or measuring results; and creating forums for community input and engagement.

U-Wide Events and Opportunities

Join the Clinical & Translational Science Institute’s 2021 virtual poster session on Oct. 4. See the work of CTSI's research career development scholars and community engagement grantees and learn directly from the researchers about the potential translational impact of their research and the science behind it. Network with community partners and translational researchers from across the University. Join us for a virtual celebration of clinical and translational science!


CMDC Hackathon: Cybersecurity Threats in a Hospital Setting

The University’s Center for Medical Device Cybersecurity and the Medical Industry Leadership Institute are hosting a hackathon for graduate, professional, and undergraduate students in a variety of fields including engineering, computer science, social sciences and health sciences. Registration closes Oct. 8.


Inspiring Change by Living Sustainably

Inspiring Change by Living Sustainably: A School of Nursing Planetary Health Webinar
Join the School of Nursing on Oct. 19 for a planetary health webinar featuring Zöe Pettitis, a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota and an environmental activist currently living in Portland, Oregon.


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Public Safety at the University

Campus safety is important and remains a priority for all of us in the health sciences. President Gabel’s Campus Safety Initiative speaks to the comprehensive approach the University is taking, including patrols, the Rave Guardian virtual escort and SAFE walk services. Find more safety tips and resources.

Other News

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