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Take Care of Yourself and One Another

VP Jakub Tolar, MD, PhD

The challenges of the pandemic extend beyond health and health care, although these have been front and center. We have also seen the weight of social disparities impact mental wellbeing. It is particularly difficult to absorb and cope with these stressors when we—as health care professionals, researchers, teachers, staff, and learners—are also being called on to fill the critical needs of health care.

Please remember these University resources for mental health and wellbeing:

Along with President Gabel’s Initiative for Student Mental Health, I encourage staff and faculty to prioritize self care and reach out for help when you need it. Alone, these challenges can feel overwhelming, together we can create networks of support to help each other.

Driving Innovation & Discovery

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Mothers Leading Science Program

Mothers Leading Science is a year-long career development program for research-intensive faculty in the health sciences who are raising school-age and/or young children. It is designed to address the lack of representation of women in senior leadership, the high rates of attrition of female scientists, and the challenges of women in academic health sciences research at the intersections of career, gender, and motherhood. Apply by Sept. 1.

Advancing Interprofessional Education and Training 

Alli Weidman

Students: What Do You Enjoy Most About Interprofessional Activities?

“What I enjoy most about interprofessional activities is the opportunity to learn about other health professions—what they do, what motivates them, what their biggest challenges are. There are a lot more health professions than I realized before coming to the U, and it has been really eye-opening to see just how critical of a role each one plays in maintaining and improving the holistic health of patients and the community. I take most of my classes within my program, so the interprofessional activities I participate in are my main opportunity to engage with and learn from students from other programs.” - Alli Weidman, MHA Candidate

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Itasca Ecohealth IPE Experience: Exploring Sustainability through Collaboration

This past spring, the Center for Interprofessional Health with support from the Office of Academic Clinical Affairs and the Itasca Biological Station leadership launched a novel interprofessional education experience at the biological station in Itasca, Minn. The intensive weekend-long collaborative learning retreat aimed to foster appreciation for ecohealth principles and geopolitical considerations in health.

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Art in HSEC - Student Volunteer Interest Form

Are you interested in supporting and exploring the arts in our health sciences community? CHIP is partnering with other units in the Health Science Education Center (HSEC) and across the health sciences to explore possibilities for art exhibitions that reflect the health sciences community and add vibrancy to our spaces.

Partnering with Communities

Leah Lehtola

Project REACH Highlight: Addressing the High Rate of Suicide Ideation Among 11th Grade Females in Chippewa County

Leah Lehtola, one of the three inaugural members of the Project REACH cohort, created a policy proposal that focused on addressing the high rate of suicide ideation among 11th grade females in Chippewa County. To address this problem, Lehtola proposed the creation of a community mental health coalition that would include representation from Chippewa County, the City of Montevideo, CCM Health, and Montevideo Public Schools. She also proposed the integration of school-based mental health services into Montevideo Public Schools.

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Meet Three Allies Delivering Health Care and Empowering Refugees in Minnesota

Launched in 2020, the U’s Mobile Health Initiative addresses disparities in health care access throughout the state. By building collaborations among health care professionals and trusted community partners, the MHI is tearing down barriers to health care access—such as economic, social and cultural—while engaging historically marginalized communities like the Indigenous, immigrant, migrant and refugee communities throughout Minnesota. Meet three health care professionals who are welcoming refugees and newcomers to the Twin Cities with access to critically needed care.

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Minnesota Cancer Clinical Trials Network Announces Development of Collaborative Statewide Educational Campaign

The Minnesota Cancer Clinical Trials Network (MNCCTN) has announced the development of a statewide educational campaign about clinical trials which aims to increase awareness and understanding of clinical trials for all Minnesotans. MNCCTN hopes to reach as many audiences as possible throughout the state but is especially prioritizing reaching communities traditionally underrepresented in and historically excluded from clinical trials.

U-Wide Events and Opportunities 

Summer Sun Safety events

Seeking Volunteers to Help with Sun Safety Education and Distributing Sunscreen

U of M students, staff, and faculty are invited to volunteer at these upcoming events: 3M Golf Tournament July 19-24, M Health Day at the State Fair Aug. 27, and Kick Childhood Cancer at the Minnesota United Game Sept. 3. Volunteer shifts for the 3M Golf Tournament include transportation from tournament parking lots to the entrance, complimentary admission, and a food voucher.

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Bakken Center Mindfulness Programs Information Session

This webinar led by Bakken Center Mindfulness and Wellbeing Instructor Mariann Johnson will provide an introduction to mindfulness meditation and is particularly relevant to those new to the practice or simply curious about the possible benefits of a mindfulness practice. Participants will have an opportunity to practice a short mindfulness meditation, share their experiences, and ask questions. Examples will also be provided for practicing everyday mindfulness, at work and at home.


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