Clinical Training Sites of Excellence Awardees 2021

Recognizing exceptional support

A program recognizing community and clinical partners for exceptional support to University health sciences learners.


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Allina-United Hospital

Allina Health Website

Note from nominator:

Physical Therapy: "I've been so impressed with their dedication to teaching as central to their identity in a time when many clinical sites viewed teaching as something to be dropped/cut back in these covid, burn out times."

Hennepin Healthcare

Hennepin Healthcare website 

Recognized for both Physical Therapy and Undergraduate Medical Education. Note from nominators:

Physical Therapy: "Our students come away from their HCMC experiences with a strong ability to be an effective and efficient member of the interprofessional team. They learn to advocate for and serve a wide variety of patients with a wide variety of needs and resources. In the past year they adopted a deeper appreciation for social and healthcare inequities and began to see how individual providers could have a positive impact at the patient level and how systems are working to adapt at a societal level."

Undergraduate Medical Education: "Students really benefit from the community they work to create. Hennepin Healthcare's HeLIX program includes a course on health disparities and social determinants of health and how to utilize public policy to address those issues."

Lloyd's/Setzer/Hopkins Center Pharmacies

Lloyd's Pharmacy website

Note from nominator:

"Lloyd’s Pharmacy in St. Paul’s Hamline-Midway was looted and destroyed by fire during the May 2020 civil unrest. Setzer Pharmacy in St. Paul began serving the impacted patients until Lloyd’s set up a satellite pharmacy. The site immediately worked with the College of Pharmacy to ensure continued learning opportunities and offered additional availability so students could be part of the process to set up and open a satellite pharmacy to minimize disruption of services to patients and community."

M Health Fairview

M Health Fairview website

Recognized for both Pharmacy and Education Team. Note from nominators:

Pharmacy: "From facilitating training, scheduling and preceptors oversight, the partner modeled and facilitated students learning about COVID vaccine administration, addressing patient concerns and tackling workflow logistics of different administration processes. This allowed students not only to learn, but to advance to advanced pharmacy practice experiences and provide a valuable service to the community."

Education Team: "The creativity and flexibility that has been the focus of our collaboration with the M Health Fairview Education team has focused on the creation of onboarding efficiencies for students."

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Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic website

Note from nominator:

Nursing: "This partner supports their nurses to serve as clinical and course instructors for our students; the role modeling and clinical instruction of the nurses in this capacity deeply benefits our students as they develop their competencies as a professional nurse. Students highly value the expertise the Mayo nurses bring in this capacity."

Morris Nilsen Funeral Chapel

Morris Nilsen website

Note from nominator:

"Morris Nilsen models the ethics and standards that an established, honorable funeral home needs to be a community stakeholder. They demonstrate through their words and actions that "good enough" is not an acceptable standard. Morris Nilsen treats their entire staff with respect and works to achieve a work life balance. This behavior shows in the ways their staff treat each other and how they treat the families that utilize their services."

Open Circle

Open Circle website

Note from nominator:

"Mark and the Open Circle team offer opportunities for students to work alongside other student interns when possible. Our OT students have had the opportunity to collaborate with OTA students, art therapy students, social work, and nursing students over the 5 years they have been involved in this program. They value diversity of their members and of the students that come to them and enjoy the different learning opportunities that come along with having this diversity in their sites."

St. Luke's Health System

St. Luke's Health System website

Note from nominator:

Pharmacy: "With 75% of their preceptor base across multiple patient care segments providing a quality improvement rotation, they are modeling what this approach looks like for many individual preceptors as well as an entire department and organization."

Exemplified notable qualities:

Accepted extra students, adjusted clinical rotation schedules - created and offered new clinical learning opportunities when clinical sites closed to learners due to SARS-CoV-2

Supported our learners staying on track toward graduation

Continued to take and precept learners amid the pandemic and civil unrest

Role modeling
Community service, valuing diversity, and fortitude during unrest

Communicated frequently throughout the pandemic, the suspension of clinical experiences, and the return of those experiences