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Do you know this space?

VP Jakub Tolar, MD, PhD

Do you know this space?

  • The results of a recent survey of students in the health sciences showed that in 2023, more students felt that the different professions were valued equally there.
  • More students agreed that when they had difficulties with personal or educational aspects of their education or needed professional advice, they felt they could reach out to other health professions for help there.
  • And students were more likely to have a professional or school-related conversation with someone from a different health care profession there.

You’ve probably already guessed the answer, but here are a few more clues:

You’re right! It’s the now three-year-old Health Sciences Education Center (HSEC). And HSEC is a perfect example of how state investment benefits health care around the state. Health systems asked for professionals ready and trained to work in teams. Former Governor Dayton’s Blue Ribbon Commission decided in 2015 that creating this shared education space would be an important part of achieving that objective.

If you haven’t visited HSEC, consider stopping by and experiencing it for yourself. There are many resources available to faculty, staff and students.

Driving Innovation & Discovery

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Unlocking Alzheimer's: Cutting-Edge Therapies Revealed by Top Experts
This free interactive webinar will offer answers to questions about the latest breakthroughs in Alzheimer's treatments with an esteemed panel of experts. Join Drs. Knopman, Borson, Brangman, and Emiru for insights on groundbreaking therapies like lecanemab and donanemab. For those affected by dementia, caregivers, and medical professions – gain insights and stay informed.

Advancing Interprofessional Education & Training

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Explore Sustainability through Interprofessional Collaboration
The Itasca Ecohealth IPE Experience is now accepting applications for the Winter 2024 retreat. This intensive, fun weekend-long collaborative learning retreat is for health sciences students and takes place in a Minnesota state park to foster appreciation for ecohealth principles and geopolitical considerations in health. Applications are open through Jan. 7.

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Preparing Health Professional Students for Collaborative Practice
Offered through the Center for Interprofessional Health (CIH), the Better Together course is an interprofessional learning experience that introduces health professional students to foundational concepts of interprofessional education and collaboration. This fall, more than 1,300 health professional students participated. The majority of participants came from the University and represented 16 health professional degree programs, while the remaining 147 students came from the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth and represented four health professional degree programs.

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Check Out Collaboration Insights: A Health Professions Blog for Effective Collaboration
This student-led health professions blog is a hub for information on interprofessional education and collaboration. In the latest entry, Master of Nursing student Tessie Burley and MD/PhD student Güldamla Kalender discuss psychological safety and its critical role within health care teams. Previous entries focused on a variety of teamwork-related topics, including interprofessional collaborative leadership, self-advocacy, curiosity, vulnerability, and implicit bias.

Partnering with Communities

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Empathy on Wheels for Immigrant Health Care
Alana Petrassi, a medical pediatric resident, found that her experience with the Mobile Health Initiative helped remind her of why she joined the medical field and that simply providing access to people can make a big difference.

U-Wide Events and Opportunities

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Drop off Nonperishables at the Care Corner Food Drive
The Health Sciences Care Corner Network is hosting a food drive to support health sciences students. Through Nov. 17., students, staff, and faculty can donate non-perishable food at any of the drop sites listed

Compassion in Global Health

Compassion at the Core: Elevating Global Health Through Human-Centered Care
The seventh annual Quie and Peterson Global Health Lecture will be held on Nov. 20, answering questions on the importance of compassion in addition to excellent clinical care in health care settings.

Nov. 1: Mini Medical School Session 2: Your Questions Answered
Learn about the effects of cannabis, psychedelics, opioids and alcohol on health.

Nov. 8: Mini Medical School Session 3: What We Consume
Learn what as a consumer you can look for when assessing the quality of available food and beverages.

Other News

Sara Busche and Adebayo Ibikunle
They have been working with the Mobile Health Initiative to create resource guides and practices to share with providers to use with…
20 Years of HERO
We are filled with profound gratitude and admiration for the incredible work accomplished over the years.
Nhi Lang, Claire Nash, and Margaret Perry
They're working to extrapolate outcome measure data to determine the effectiveness of treatments.